“Eco School” is a task consisting in the preparation of Primary School No. 11 for the creation of a specific […]

Social Activity Center

At the Social Activity Center at the Wzgórze district, day-care activities will be carried out, activities for residents will be […]


An important part of the project will be activities aimed at people with disabilities. One of them will be adjusting […]


The project envisages mapping out a new strategy for managing the city’s housing resources and supporting the development of the […]


The project provides for the preparation of a plan for the functioning and development of health care in the city, […]

Ecology and climate

The project provides for the development of strategic documents regarding the adaptation of the city to climate change – including […]

City brand

The project provides for the development and implementation of the city’s brand by designing a comprehensive Visual Identification System with […]


The project involves the creation of a business service office and a city economic development office within the organizational structure […]

Information policy

As part of the projects, a new website of the Commune of Starachowice will be created, through the graphic development […]