Another point on the city map is , the Palace building, which has been decaying for years, has a chance to regain its former splendor and become a bustling meeting place again.

“Impact Hub”, an incubator of social thought and the new face of the Palace. It will be a place where residents, young people, representatives of business and non-governmental organizations will be able to meet, organize exhibitions and other cyclical events.

– We will create a space for cooperation, integration, exchange of experiences and mutual learning from entrepreneurs, non-governmental organizations, social leaders, and young people – informs the Mayor of the City, Marek Materek.

The palace was built in 1922. As for those times, it was a very impressive building, it was intended for an apartment for the director of the Ammunition Factory in Starachowice. The heads of Starachowice factories lived there until 1939. After the war, the building gradually fell into ruin. Then various institutions successively introduced and moved out of it. In the building, among others for nearly a quarter of a century, it housed the Municipal Kindergarten, which was closed in the early 1990s.

The Commune of Starachowice has secured over 12 million pln for this investment. The sources of funding come from two different programs. The main building will be financed from the program “Revitalization – Better life in Starachowice, a city that found an idea for itself” (as part of the Regional Operational Program of the Świętokrzyskie Province 2014-2020). The new wing, connector, and development of the surroundings will be financed from the “Direction to the Future – Starachowice Local Development Program” program (under the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2014-2021).

– Thanks to the acquired external funds, we will revitalize the palace building, where NGOs and companies from Starachowice will have their seats – informs the Mayor of the City, Marek Materek. – We want to create a place where all institutions, organizations and companies operating in Starachowice will meet, support and exchange good practices. The inhabitants of Starachowicz know this place very well and remember it with fondness. They will surely be happy to be serving society again.

In the first place, as part of the investment, it is necessary to demolish two historically later outbuildings at the Palace. Then, the building will be expanded with a new wing located on the north-eastern side, connected to the existing building via a connector.

As a result of the planned reconstruction, a new space will be created. In the historical part of the building there are planned: in the basement area – technical rooms, building service, on the ground floor – a cafe with back-up facilities and an orangery, information point, office and exhibition room, staff toilets and public toilets, within the first floor – a room for non-governmental organizations, two offices, utility room and public toilets.

On the ground floor of the building there will be a conference and lecture room for 100 people, conference room facilities, foyer, cloakroom, and public toilets. Communication and rooms for rent will be located on the first floor.

Access to the entire complex for disabled people will be provided through ramps and lifts or passenger lifts.

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