Konrad Siara and Natan Klimiuk won the third edition of the Norwegian Knowledge Tournament. Students of Primary School No. 11 demonstrated excellent knowledge of the economy, geography, history and Norwegian culture. The competition promoted the project "Direction for the Future - Starachowice Local Development Program" implemented in our city with support from the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2014-2021.

A delegation from Bergen, Norway, is in Starachowice - our partner city for the project "Direction for the Future - Starachowice Local Development Program." The guests' visit is an opportunity to visit our city, including watching live investments implemented with support from Norwegian funds. The guests have already visited the Pałacyk Creativity Center and the modern Eco School. The stay at the Eco School was an opportunity to organize another edition of the Norwegian Knowledge Tournament for students of primary schools in Starachowice.

The third edition of the Norwegian educational competition in Starachowice consists of 24 quiz questions prepared on the basis of a modern platform for creating online puzzles, the popular Kahoot. The competition was organized in a team system, and representatives of eight primary schools from Starachowice took part in the knowledge-testing tournament. A total of 16 students took part in the tournament. Each school team consisted of two students. The participants included students who took part in previous editions of the competition.

- The knowledge tournament about Norway is an omnibus struggle of the competition participants and testing their knowledge, not only purely statistical. When preparing for our competitions, students learn a lot and look for numerous interesting facts themselves, which may later be included in the list of questions. In the two previous editions, the scope of questions was very diverse. In one question we asked them about the highest peak in Norway, in another about the delicacies of Scandinavian cuisine, and finally we asked them about the most important figures from Nordic mythology. But the participants themselves are not surprised by our questions. They surprise us with the speed and brilliance of their answers. And by the way, these competitions are great fun. We remind them of this at every step, because such a tournament is, above all, a stress-free quiz with gifts and prizes - emphasize Monika Tyczyńska and Leszek Kowalski, employees of the City Hall responsible for preparing the questions and organizing the competition.

The tournament was played in a team system. The school teams consisted of two students. Teams gathered around laptops provided by the management of Primary School No. 11 tried to find the answer to the question as quickly as possible. The running seconds reduced the value of points that the team could add to their joint account. In this game, not only knowledge was important, but also time.

The exciting game was a competition closely watched by representatives of the Norwegian delegation from Bergen. Our guests were once again impressed by the knowledge of the competition participants.

The third edition of this competition ended with a success for the representatives of Primary School No. 11. Today, the best and fastest in answering questions about geography, politics, economy, sports and curiosities from Scandinavia were Konrad Siara and Natan Klimiuk. Second place was taken by Primary School No. 13, and third was the team from Primary School No. 12.

Starachowice schools were represented during the tournament by:

Primary School No. 1: Lena Szymczak, Maja Wojton.

Primary School No. 2: Lena Żurowska, Wiktoria Janasiak.

Primary School No. 6: Aleksandra Adamiec, Nadia Kozieł

Primary School No. 9: Weronika Wojciechowska, Stanisław Zawadzki.

Primary School No. 10: Tomasz Marzuchowski, Wojciech Boroń

Primary School No. 11: Konrad Siara, Natan Klimiuk.

Primary School No. 12: Adam Świostek, Maciej Zaczek.

Primary School No. 13: Jakub Zyzman, Julia Przygoda.

- Congratulations to all teams who coped so well with demanding questions in this field today. You impressed us today with your knowledge. I would like to remind all interested parties that a popular sweater pattern is Marius, Andoya Spaceport is a space center, and smalahove is a Norwegian delicacy in the form of a sheep's head - summarized the tournament of knowledge about Norway, the Mayor of Starachowice, Marek Materek.

The competition was co-organized by the Department of Education, Culture and Sport of the Municipal Office in Starachowice, which funded prizes for the best teams.

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