The authorities of Starachowice focus on the active involvement of school youth in the process of social participation. The Eco-Budget is being launched, i.e. the Green School Participatory Budget, in which students of primary schools in Starachowice will decide on the implementation of projects. Their task will be to create projects and then select the most attractive and necessary ones. In the first edition, PLN 42,000 will be allocated for the implementation of ecological projects - PLN 5,250 for each of the eight schools.

- We are starting another interesting initiative implemented as part of the "Direction for the Future - Starachowice Local Development Program" project. This time it is a Green Participatory Budget addressed to students of eight primary schools in our city. We allocate PLN 42,000 for this purpose, over PLN 5,000 for each school. All for the implementation of projects submitted by students. The financial model of these projects was developed by the youth themselves, and the Youth City Council participated in the consultation work. It is the members of this Council who act on many levels, creating the reality and functioning of youth policy - outlines the most important ideas of the project, the Mayor of Starachowice, Marek Materek.

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