A place is being created in Starachowice where residents, youth, representatives of business and non-governmental organizations will be able to meet, develop their projects and expand their skills.

The hundred-year-old "Palacy" changes its face. Intensive work is underway on the reconstruction of the historic building, and the construction of a new wing and connector has also been created.

Thanks to the investment for which the Starachowice Commune obtained external funding, the building, which has been deteriorating for years, has a chance to regain its former splendor and become a lively meeting place again.

In recent weeks, finishing works have been carried out on the investment site, including plastering inside the building, installation of window solar panels, roofing works on the roof and hardening of the area around the building. The main fence from the side of Konstytucji 3-ego Maja Street.

After completion of all works, the facility is to serve the local community. The aim is to create the so-called "Impact Hub", an incubator of social thought. - We will create here a space for cooperation, integration, exchange of experiences and mutual learning from each other for entrepreneurs, non-governmental organizations, social leaders and youth - informs Marek Materek, Mayor of the City.

In the historic part of the Palace, the following are planned: within the basement - technical rooms, building service rooms, within the ground floor - a cafe with facilities and a conservatory, office rooms, staff toilets and public toilets, within the first floor - four office rooms.

In the new wing, on the ground floor of the building, there will be a conference and lecture room for one hundred people, conference room facilities, foyer, cloakroom and public toilets. On the first floor there will be an open space with a creative space for young people.

Access to the entire complex for the disabled will be provided through ramps and lifts or personal lifts. The construction of the facility will be completed this year.

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