The Mayor of Starachowice, Marek Materek, encourages you to participate in social consultations regarding the development of a housing management and development strategy in Starachowice, conducted by the Warsaw University of Technology as part of the project entitled "Direction Future - Starachowice Local Development Programme", co-financed by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism for 2014-2021.

The purpose of the consultations is to collect comments, opinions, expectations, and needs in the field of housing, as well as proposals regarding the draft strategy for the management and development of housing in Starachowice. The consultations will be conducted from September to December 2022 on the dates detailed below.
Consultations will be conducted in the form of: interviews (including street interviews) and workshops with selected groups of residents (e.g. representatives of housing cooperatives, representatives of housing communities, seniors, AND immigrant residents), social debates, as well as questionnaires and forms in paper form and electronic, available on the websites of the Starachowice Commune and at its headquarters.

Public Consultation Programme:

1. September 28 - October 1, 2022: form for submitting proposals / comments - made available in electronic form on the commune's website, in a paper version at the commune's seat, as well as at meetings, workshops and group interviews,

2. September 28, 2022

3. September 29, 2022

4. September 30, 2022

5. October 1, 2022

6. October 19, 2022

7. October 20, 2022

8. October 21, 2022

9. October 22, 2022

10. December 01 -03,2022 - Olimpia Hall of the Municipal Office in Starachowice, debates with residents.

photo. Z lotu Myszki

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