The Social Activity Center in the Wzgórze estate has started its operation. On Thursday, the new facility was officially opened by the Mayor of the City, Marek Materek, together with the residents of Starachowice.

- A few years ago, when we were standing next to this building and talking about the revitalization of the Wzgórze housing estate, the former Workers' Colony, we announced that this place would be renovated, and a community center would be created here. Then some people looked at us with disbelief, but we kept our word. Outside the window, we can see one of the multi-family buildings, which has been comprehensively renovated and has undergone a deep thermal modernization. Where we are now, there used to be cells where coal and wood were kept. Today, this building has gained a new face and will serve the local community - children, youth, but also adults - emphasized Mayor Marek Materek.

The facility, which was established by the Starachowice Commune in the building at 10 Widok Street, will be run by the Social Services Centre. The following persons were involved in the development of the Social Activity Center: Anna Kaczmarek - deputy director, and social welfare organizer, Magadalena Kosin - project task coordinator, Anna Kosowska - day support facility manager, Irmina Senderówka - educator and people who will conduct activities supporting the organization of the local community: Tomasz Margula – local community organizer, social workers: Agnieszka Kubiak Opozda, Anita Pawla, Justyna Gawlik, as well as animators Katarzyna Kozińska and Andrzej Jacek Tarnowski

- We believe that this place will be teeming with life, and develop new passions and skills of our residents. Starachowicz residents will be able to meet and integrate here. Many thanks to everyone who contributed to this project. I wish the team that will take care of his good luck and many interesting initiatives, and I cordially invite you to take advantage of the offer of this facility - added Mayor Marek Materek.

The key activities of CAS will be related to the organization of classes for children aged 6 to 16, as well as a counseling point where services will be provided by a psychologist, family advisor, financial advisor, and career advisor.

The CAS team is also planning gardening workshops for all residents. The workshops are designed to educate in the field of gardening and ecological activities through practical work in the garden, garden design, and pro-ecological activities. The result of these activities will be the organization of social neighborhood gardens.

There are activities for children to develop their interests, e.g., art, music, and sports, as well as help in learning English, Polish, or mathematics. They will also take part in classes shaping competence in the field of cultural awareness and expression, and culinary and health workshops.

As part of activities outside the facility, children will enjoy going to the cinema, swimming pool, or outdoor activities organized in the Wzgórze estate. During holidays and winter holidays, there are, among others, dance and music classes, sports games, scientific experiments, and developing imagination and creativity. Daily activities and meals are scheduled.

Organizing the local community is aimed at strengthening social ties, and mutual assistance through volunteering and neighborhood services, as well as organizing joint cultural and sports meetings. The diagnosis shows that there are many residents of the estate who care about the positive transformation of this place and are ready to join the planning and implementation of activities for the development of the estate.

The activities will be carried out as part of the project: "Direction Future - Starachowice Local Development Programme" co-financed under the Norwegian Financial Mechanism for 2014-2021 (85%) and the State Budget (15%) from the Local Development Programme, for which the Starachowice commune obtained nearly 16 million zlotys of funding. The main objective of the project is to improve the quality of life of the inhabitants through the implementation of comprehensive social, educational, environmental, economic, and institutional programs and projects.

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