Starachowice Eco-school is officially open. One of the most important investments planned as part of the "Direction for the Future - Starachowice Local Development Program" program is already pleasing to the eye, and the functional space of Primary School No. 11 will serve the next generations of young Starachowice residents.

- Works related to the reconstruction and adaptation of the premises of Primary School No. 11 were a great success. A unique space has been created that promotes ecological activities and is the green center of the north of the city. First of all, it is a modern and student-friendly bilingual school that aims to encourage students to learn in an innovative way. And it must be admitted that learning in such interiors and with such equipment is certainly a pleasure - said the Mayor of the city, Marek Materek, during the official opening of the school.

Wednesday's press conference and the official opening of the Eco-school were an opportunity not only to present the new educational urban space, but also to thank all the people involved in creating this place on the map of Starachowice.

- I would like to thank all the people involved in the implementation of this project, who made a symbolic contribution to the creation of the Eco-school. I would like to thank the students, parents, management and teaching staff for participating in the creation of this place. Thank you for every voice in the consultation process and every opinion at the facility design stage. Thanks to financial support from the Norwegian Fund, we have completed an investment that will serve future generations of residents of our city. The school's students are already admiring the effects of the work of Selbud, which was responsible for the implementation of an investment worth nearly PLN 4.2 million. The school is impressive. Just like new furniture or modern teaching aids purchased for another PLN 400,000 - emphasized President Materek.

- Thank you to everyone involved in creating this place. We had a lot of work ahead of us, but the results are impressive. I remember the first weeks of our work together. We came here and together we wondered what this space should look like and how to plan it. Then there was time for consultations and conversations with parents. We were worried about how the renovation would go. How will it affect the educational process? However, we found a great contractor with whom we could successfully complete this project. We are already using this space, which was modeled on Norwegian examples. However, we did not copy them, we simply followed good examples. And now it's time for our students to find their way in this space. I am convinced that it will be successful - added Marcin Gołębiowski, Deputy Mayor of the City.

New space

The Starachowice Eco-school consists of rebuilt and newly adapted school rooms on the ground floor, as well as corridors on the upper floors in part of the former Junior High School No. 3.

In the first stage, the works concerned, among others, the entrance hall and the entrance part. It was there that the bio-library was established, which consists of a library, a media library (reading room) and a local community hall.

In the connection to the newer wing of the former junior high school, a special educational wall was created, on which a map of the Świętokrzyskie Mountains was placed in the form of a photo wallpaper. Special educational rooms were created at the school: Earth, Recycling, Mathematics, as well as language rooms with the possibility of being divided into two studies.

The Future Laboratories were also established here. They consist of two rooms: a workshop and a "clean" room, where classes in robotics, photography and fashion are held.

In the rebuilt building, a Green Room Relaxation Zone was also created, the main task of which is to create an ideal place for children to calm down.

The value of investment works carried out by the Starachowice-based company SELBUD amounted to nearly PLN 4.2 million. Additionally, almost PLN 400,000 was spent on the purchase of furniture and teaching aids. The school has new furniture, school desks, desks, magnetic boards, a relaxation and acoustic cabin, magic carpets, projectors, etc.

Teacher development

An important element of the ECO-school is also the education of Starachowice teachers, who will be able to use the acquired knowledge during their professional work for the development of the city.

Teachers will be able to consciously shape the worldview of young people and sensitize them to the need to care for the natural environment and social participation in the development of an eco-city.

The training was carried out by lecturers from the Warsaw University of Technology and divided into three parts, during which the trainers focused on the most important issues related to ecology - not only through theory, but also through practice.

The training took place both at Primary School No. 11 and at the Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Geodesy and Cartography.

- This place will inspire action, learning and educational success. I am convinced that it will be an educational showcase of our city, but at the same time I can assure you that this is not the end of changes at Primary School No. 11 - concluded President Materek.

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