We already know the results of the first edition of the Starachowice Green School Participatory Budget. Students selected 24 winning projects that will be implemented in the first quarter of 2024. The total value of the selected projects is over PLN 39,000.

- I would like to thank all students of Starachowice primary schools who were involved in the implementation of the first edition of the "Eco-budget". The Green School Participatory Budget implemented in cooperation with the Youth City Council was an organizational success. Students from our schools submitted a total of 52 projects, 47 of which were verified and could be voted on in school ballots. And the voting procedure is another civic success. Out of 2,121 students eligible to vote, a total of 1,893 students voted for their project. This means that the turnout in the Starachowice "eco-budget" was over 89 percent. I congratulate all the originators and the voters themselves who selected 24 winning projects serving their school community - said Marek Materek, the Mayor of Starachowice.

The Green School Participatory Budget is an undertaking enabling co-financing of projects created by young people from primary schools in Starachowice, managed by the Starachowice Commune. The first edition of Ecobudget started in September 2023.

In total, students from Starachowice, supported by councilors from the Youth City Council in Starachowice, submitted 52 projects. 47 of them were positively verified. And they were qualified for the voting stage.

24 projects selected

The voting was organized by the School Coordinating Teams and took place at the turn of November and December. Votes were held in each school, in which students of primary schools in Starachowice showed their activity.

- The largest number of people cast their votes in Primary School No. 9. As many as 394 students went to the polls in Primary School No. 9 and chose the three best projects. In other schools, the attendance was equally high and the community of these schools chose the projects submitted by the students themselves - adds Julia Łaszewicz from the Youth City Council in Starachowice.

The Starachowice commune has allocated PLN 42,000 for this task. "Eco Budget" is implemented as part of the project entitled "Direction for the Future - Starachowice Local Development Program" from the Local Development Program, co-financed by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism for 2014-2021 (85%) and the state budget (15%).

The amount of PLN 5,250 was allocated to each of the eight schools participating in the project. Ultimately, after the voting and the selection of 24 winning projects, it was calculated that the total value of these projects was PLN 39,943.

- However, the final amount of these projects will be known only after the public procurement procedure and it may still change - announce the organizers of the Green School Participatory Budget.

- The ideas submitted by young people concern changes in the school space into more colorful and friendly places for learning, relaxation and spending free time in an eco-friendly way - emphasize the creators of the budget idea.

Winning designs

Primary School No. 1 in Starachowice

217 people took part in the vote.

"If you sort garbage, you save the Earth" - The project involves placing waste sorting bins at school. They would be located throughout the building, as well as in a special "Silence Room". There would be flowers on the walls in this room, and students could rest in additional seats in a nice and pleasant atmosphere. The project aims to educate and increase awareness of segregation. Estimated cost: PLN 1,746. The project received 64 votes.

"Room of Silence" - Due to the noise in school corridors, the project assumes the creation of a special room that would be quieter. The room would be a green zone at school where students could relax, study and spend time in a good atmosphere. Estimated cost: PLN 1,750. The project received 101 votes.

“Eco wall” – The project involves creating a green moss wall at school. The moss would take care of air filtration and temperature regulation. It is also calming and has a beneficial effect on health. Moss is an ecological plant because it does not need to be watered. Estimated cost: PLN 1,750. The project received 42 votes.

The total amount of the projects is PLN 5,246.00.

Primary School No. 2 in Starachowice

73 people took part in the vote.

"Water dispenser for Primary School 2" - The project involves placing a drinking water dispenser at the school. Students would have the opportunity to satisfy their thirst at any time, e.g. after a physical education lesson. This would limit the purchase of water in plastic bottles, and the vending machine would come with eco-paper cups. Estimated cost: PLN 1,745. The project received 23 votes.

“Oasis of peace” – The project involves creating a relaxation zone at the school. This zone would include, among others: meadows photo wallpaper, table, sofa, poufs, pillows and plants. The "oasis of peace" would be made of ecological materials. Such a zone would be a place where students could rest. Estimated cost: PLN 1,726. The project received 14 votes

"Bamboo blinds" - The project involves the purchase of bamboo blinds, manufactured from natural materials. These blinds are necessary for conducting lessons in individual rooms on sunny days. Estimated cost: PLN 1,680. The project received 12 votes.

The total amount of the projects is PLN 5,151.00.

Primary School No. 6 in Starachowice

135 people took part in the vote.

"Relaxation Zone" - The project involves creating a recreation zone at school where students can relax and spend time. Plants located in this zone would make the atmosphere more pleasant. Estimated cost: PLN 1,700. The project received 71 votes.

“Super Garden” – The project involves creating a garden on the school premises. This garden would be a combination of a relaxation zone with a swing and deckchairs and a green zone with various types of plants. Estimated cost: PLN 1,750. The project received 29 votes.

"Green Hole" - The project involves placing flower pots and an aquarium in the school corridors. This is intended to improve air quality and help students de-stress. The color green has a calming effect. Fish in the aquarium would add additional color to the corridors. Estimated cost: PLN 1,750. The project received 19 votes.

The total amount of the projects is PLN 5,200.00.

Primary School No. 9 in Starachowice

394 people took part in the vote.

"Relaxation corner for book lovers" - The project involves creating a place for reading books. An eco-wall would be created, i.e. a shelf for books and flowers. Next to it there would be an armchair made of Euro pallets. The school community would have a place to spend time in an interesting way - relaxation combined with reading. Plants would improve the well-being of students and teachers as well as the air quality in the room. Estimated cost: PLN 1,750. The project received 71 votes.

“Time to relax in a green corner.” – The project involves the creation of an eco-educational corner. It would be an eco-corner surrounded by plants. Greenery would have a calming and soothing effect on students. This activity would introduce the school community to systematic work on plant care. Students would gain an additional place to relax during breaks. Estimated cost: PLN 1,750. The project received 147 votes.

"Ekogranie, i.e. a board games corner" - The project involves the development of free space in the school into a board games corner. The aim of the project is to integrate Polish and Ukrainian students through fun in the form of board games. The games would be made during technology and art classes from recycled materials. The project would allow students to spend their time attractively and usefully during breaks between classes. Estimated cost: PLN 1,650. The project received 124 votes.

The total amount of the projects is PLN 5,150.00.

Primary School No. 10 in Starachowice

172 people took part in the vote.

"School garden" - The project involves the creation of school gardens on patios. Students could conduct nature observations and establish plant farms. This place would be

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