It performs an important and responsible function, connecting the cultures of different nations. Inna Mekheda, an intercultural assistant, has been helping the Ukrainian community find themselves in the reality of Starachowice for almost half a year.

In July, Ukrainian Inna Mekheda won the competition for the position of sub-inspector in the Office of the Mayor of Starachowice. Since then, as an intercultural assistant, she has been supporting the adaptation and integration of foreigners who found shelter from the war in Starachowice - officially over a thousand people.

- I help foreigners who have settled in Starachowice in arranging, among others, official matters related to obtaining a PESEL number, as well as formalities at ZUS, and CUS, I write letters, and translate documents ... We have different alphabets, and it is more difficult for Ukrainian citizens to write and read in Polish - says Inna Mekheda.
Inna Mekheda is a pedagogue and manager – an economist by education. In Ukraine, she worked as a teacher as well as a logistics specialist and manager. He speaks several languages: Ukrainian, Russian, and Polish and English.

As an intercultural assistant, Inna Mekheda assists with formalities related to renting an apartment, the labor market, setting up a business, educational and cultural offers, health care system, etc. Her duties include supporting educational processes, including learning the Polish language and culture. An example of such activities was historical walks with guide Aneta Marciniak, during which children and youth from Ukraine learned about Starachowice and the history of the city.

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