On the occasion of the presentation of a modern eco-studio, which was established in Primary School No. 11 in Starachowice, and the results of the first edition of the Starachowice Green School Participatory Budget, the progress of work related to the reconstruction of the building for the needs of the Eco School being established there was presented.

The task is carried out under the investment title: "Direction for the Future - Starachowice Local Development Program". The order is financed under the Norwegian Financial Mechanism for 2014-2021 (85%) and the state budget (15%) from the Local Development Program.

The main scope of the order includes: renovation of corridors and classrooms located on the ground floor of the school building at 2 Leśna Street in Starachowice, along with the reconstruction of some of the ground floor rooms.

Planned works include:

Reconstruction of the media library:

• Demolition of parts of structural walls and installation of steel beams according to industry
• Replacement of doors and windows within the planned media library.
• Enlarging the window opening to the terrace by cutting the wall below the window sill.
• Installation of interior furnishings with certificates: permanent construction.
• Separation of fire zone according to project scope.
• Replacement of insulation strips on the facade made of non-flammable material - mineral wool and
opening the facade after insulation, disposal of polystyrene.

Renovation of rooms and hall on the ground floor of the building. The renovation of the rooms will consist in architectural and installation adaptation for thematic rooms:

• "Earth" room
• "Recycling" room
• math room
• "Laboratory of the future I, II, III" classroom
• language room I, II, III

Installation works:
• reconstruction of the electrical installation, including lighting and audiovisual
• expansion of the monitoring installation

What will the Eco School look like after the construction works are completed? See!

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