Until February 20 this year. There is an active survey that will help in assessing the diagnosis of the condition of the Starachowice brand and its perception by various groups of recipients. The results of the study will be used by specialists in their work on creating a new Visual Identification System for the City of Starachowice. Focus groups were also held at the City Hall, during which participants discussed the current image of the city.

Representatives of a group of Starachowice seniors, youth and entrepreneurs took part in the research conducted by the contractor, APLAN MEDIA sp. z o.o. The next step will be conceptual work, after its finalization, public consultations on the developed brand logo will be announced.

As part of the order, the contractor is obliged to:

I. Development of a brand mark

a) Logo development.
b) Preparation of a brand book (description of the idea of the sign, appearance, structure, protective field, colors and use of the logo on various backgrounds, preparation of achromatic versions, as well as cases of prohibited use).
c) Developing a promotional slogan - the slogan should evoke positive associations and be related to the specificity of the city. The password should be prepared in Polish and English.
d) Combining the official brand mark with the logos of municipal organizational units (e.g. Culture Park, Municipal Sports and Recreation Center, etc.).
e) Development of a brand logo, including the inscription: "Patronage of the Mayor of Starachowice".

II. Development of the Visual Identification System Book (SIW):

a) Development of procedures and graphic symbols used in the communication of the Starachowice brand
b) Preparation of elements of the SIW Book, including in particular:
- invitations
- roll-up
- exhibition wall (promotional)
- poster – A0 format
- A4 congratulatory folder: graphic layout;
- recognition diploma - single-color printing;
- decorative paper;
- ID cards for employees;
- door signs at the City Hall;
- template of information boards;
- envelope (small – DL and C6, large – C4);
- A4 letterhead (vertical and horizontal version) - special composition of the sign and contact details, including typeface, size and color, special color of the sign, file format: Microsoft Word, Polish and English versions;
- business card - Polish and English version;
- PowerPoint presentation layout (first page and subsequent pages) – Polish and English versions;
- layout of e-mail correspondence (e-mail top and footer);
- official background for MS Teams and Zoom (PL and ENG version)

An element of the order is also including in the SIW Book the visual identification and proposals for promotional materials of the Starachowice Youth City Council based on the MRM logo sent by the Ordering Party. The idea of the sign included in the SIW should be based on the coat of arms of the City of Starachowice as the most important element building the identity of residents with the city.

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