Future Competencies for young people from StarachowiceFuture Competencies training, which took place on December 8-10 in Św. Katarzyna, this is another important event for the youth of Starachowice.

The aim of the trip, in addition to training in coping with stress, public speaking, self-confidence and motivation, was also integration and evaluation.

The innovative approach was that the youth themselves developed the training program based on their expectations. After an active day, St. Nicholas Day was held, where, in addition to gifts, participants received from Santa. Nicholas, new sweatshirts and T-shirts with the logo of the Starachowice Youth City Council. At the end of the day, in a festive mood, young residents of Starachowice took part in a mindfulness session, i.e. working on mindfulness.

The second day included classes on stress management, self-confidence and giving good feedback. Of course, there were many energizers and mindfulness sessions that day.

Admiring the sunrise from snow-covered Łysica at 6 a.m. on Sunday? Passed. This is how the last day of training began. Then, all the work this year was summarized. The last point of the program was a photo session. "We returned to Starachowice with a positive attitude, full of energy and with lots of amazing ideas," summarize the participants.

The term "Competencies of the Future" covers 10 professional skills according to the Research Institute of the University of Phoenix, i.e.:

1. design thinking,
2. virtual cooperation,
3. computational thinking,
4. transdisciplinarity,
5. ability to use new media,
6. cognitive load management,
7. social intelligence,
8. unconventional and adaptive thinking,
9. discovering meaning,
10. giving meaning.

The training was the culmination of work on the Future Competences Program, which will soon be released. The initiative is implemented as part of the project entitled "Direction for the Future - Starachowice Local Development Program", financed by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism for 2014-2021 (85%) and the state budget (15%)

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