The Mayor of Starachowice invites all residents to participate in social consultations regarding the management and development strategy of housing in Starachowice. The consultations will take place on November 10 (Friday) at 4 p.m. in the "Skałka" Gallery - at the headquarters of the "Niezapominajka" Senior Club.

- The housing need is undoubtedly one of the most important needs of every local community. Together with scientists from the Warsaw University of Technology, specifically from the Faculty of Geodesy and Cartography, we are already at the final stage of developing a strategic document. Therefore, I would like to invite you to public consultations to once again discuss issues related to the shape of this important document and assess the housing potential of our city - emphasizes Marcin Gołębiowski, Deputy Mayor of Starachowice.

Notice regarding public consultations regarding the management and development strategy of housing in Starachowice

The strategy for management and development of housing in Starachowice is prepared by the Warsaw University of Technology as part of the project entitled "Direction for the Future - Starachowice Local Development Program" financed under the Norwegian Financial Mechanism for 2014-2021. The document was created thanks to the cooperation of the Warsaw University of Technology team with the city team, which included Deputy Mayor of the City Marcin Gołębiowski, head of the Department of Economic Activity and Housing Resources Malwina Skrzyniarz-Pióro, city architect Marcin Bednarczyk and president of STBS Igor Gajewski.

We will collect your comments and opinions

The aim of the consultation is to collect final comments and opinions regarding the prepared housing management and development strategy in Starachowice. Information material regarding the consultations along with the strategy will be made available on the website of the Municipal Office in Starachowice, in the Commune Public Information Bulletin, and in the Residents' Service Office of the Municipal Office in Starachowice.

- Currently, the housing stock is becoming an element of competition for residents. That is why its expansion and proper management are so important, especially in the case of cities losing inhabitants, such as Starachowice. The decline in population and the aging of the population pose many challenges, including: for economic development due to the constant decline in the number of people of working age. Starachowice has a large labor market, attracting nearly 10,000 people. out-of-town workers per day. Many of these people would like to live in Starachowice, but this is not possible due to the limited offer of the housing market and the limited supply of apartments for rent. Encouraging new and young people to settle in Starachowice should become a priority in housing development. The growing number of older people causes the need to expand the housing stock with buildings that meet broadly understood accessibility requirements - we read in the Strategy for the management and development of housing in Starachowice until 2035, taking into account the challenges resulting from demographic changes.

- The housing stock in Starachowice was built mainly in the period of the Polish People's Republic. These are mostly multi-family, five-story buildings not equipped with elevators. The apartments are very small in size, which does not allow for comfortable living, and the large-panel technology in which most of them were built makes it impossible to adapt the interiors to the needs with physical limitations. The strategy aims to set directions for the development of the housing stock, taking into account the challenges resulting from demographic changes - emphasize the authors of the strategic document.

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